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Hi, I'm Jordan. I am passionate about making things better.

I help companies strategize and scale. Most recently, I’ve worked on growth & product teams at Scaphold (YC W17) and Pluot (YC W16). In the past, I’ve helped teams at Inside, RealtyShares, and others. I also have experience in venture capital with Chicago Ventures and Cultivation Capital. Ah, and I used to sell tomatoes.

My curiosity drives me to build and ship lots of side projects that have now been used by tens of thousands of people and featured in places like CNN & Forbes. I subscribe to building things that people want.

I write every single day.

My best words have been featured in Forbes, Startup Grind, Fortune Magazine, Business Insider, Hackernoon, and others. I also publish to Medium I have a more official sounding bio if you want it.

Additionally, I curate a newsletter that helps people navigate the present and think about the future. I am fascinated by AI & automation, as well as humanity outside the bubble.

Other things:
I am 20. Grew up in Arizona. I am a student at WashU studying Finance and Computer Science. I enjoy traveling, good hummus, metaphors, and playing pickup sports. I genuinely like helping people think and find fulfillment.

If I had more time, I would have made this whole thing shorter - but thanks for sticking around.

Find me via Email (jordangonen1 at gmail dot com), Twitter, Medium, PH or Linkedin.

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