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Side projects are a great way to build skills, gain unique perspectives, and provide value to people. Over the years, I have been lucky enough to work with awesome people (of all ages) on a number of projects. Huge thank you to them.

Templates for Gmail

A chrome extension that makes it super easy to create and customize templates that live in your gmail inbox. We have thousands of active users and were featured all over Product Hunt. We built this to save us tons of time.

Disrupt Cards

A really stupid, hysterical card game that makes fun of all the good and bad parts of the startup/tech world. We have shipped hundreds of boxes all over the world with literally zero marketing budget. The game was featured on CNN, Inc, Forbes, The Hustle, and many others. The Story behind the game is just as stupid.

Celebrate Immigrants

Recent politics has brought to light the importance of diversity and collaboration. We built the site to recognize some of the world’s most important immigrant founders and entrepreneurs. Tens of thousands of people viewed the site as it was trending on Mashable, The Independent, and other sites.


Ever wondered what metrics make for a great unicorn IPO? We did. So we analyzed dozens of S1 filings to reveal some interesting insights about what it takes to go public.

Writing Club

A new writing prompt every single day to help you write more often.


Automated w9s forms.

Oh, thought I should mention, I have a lot of failed projects that did not make it to this list. Worth noting that the single biggest reason for these flops is because I get lazy and fail to execute. Sorry, that’s on me.